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I N S T RU C T I O N 22 | C A R O L I N A S G O L F | S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 O ne of the most common flaws I see with golfers in general is an over-the- top move. This is what happens when a player yanks the club inside on the takeaway, then has to loop the club back over the top to try to get back on the right plane to make contact. This is what causes the classic slice that troubles so many golfers. When I see this problem from one of my students, I work with them on a simple drill using a pool noodle that helps them approach the ball on a better path with instant feedback. You can use other objects, like a towel or a headcover, as long as they're soft and won't cause any damage or injury if you hit them. But I like using pool noodles – grab one at the dollar store, then cut it in half lengthwise so it will sit flat on the ground. Lay the noodle on the ground in the direction of your target, then line up perpendicular to the noodle in your setup position with a short iron. UseYour Noodle to Stop Slicing As summer heats up, a simple drill with a something from the pool can help you keep your cool BY PAIGE CRIBB, PGA W ITH DON JOZWIAK Photos by Russell Kirk/GOLFLINKS Paige Cribb, the President of the Carolinas PGA Section, is the Director of Student Support for the PGA Golf Management program at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C.

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