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Making Repairs Reinemann points out that a change likely to impact every player in every round is that golfers can now fix damage on the put- ting green beyond ball marks and old hole plugs. No more worrying whether you'll be DQ-ed for tamping down spike marks. Pace of Play There is now a three-minute maximum in searching for a lost ball instead of allowing five minutes. "Ready golf" is also encour- aged throughout the Rules, with reminders to be ready to hit your next shot within 40 seconds. Bunker Changes Reinemann points out a change that will be especially beneficial to Sandhills golfers. "Players are able to remove loose impedi- ments in bunkers," he says. "Think about all the pine needles, catkins and pine cones that you will now be able to move away from your ball without penalty in a bunker." Drops Go Low There's a new procedure for dropping a ball into play. Each relief situation will have a specific area to drop in and play from, and all drops will be from knee height. That's high enough to result in a random lie, but low enough that you will not be endlessly re-dropping. This helps get the ball back in play close to where it was, adding speed and simplicity. Penalty Areas A sweeping change is the new designation of penalty areas. "There will be bodies of water and anything else the committee determines should be a penalty area, like deserts, jungle and, in some cases, just plain old bad country," Reinemann says. "In penalty areas, players will be able to ground their club, take practice swings while striking the ground, remove loose impediments, or take relief for one penalty stroke." Alternative Stroke and Distance Finally, a chance to resolve what Reine- mann calls "the most abused Rule of Golf." Each golf facility's golf committee – or golf professional, or golf shop manager, depending on the course – can adopt a Local Rule for an alternative to the stroke and distance penalty. "This will allow a player with a lost ball or ball out of bounds who has not played a provisional ball to get a ball back in play, even in the fairway, for two strokes," Reinemann says. "It will also allow that player to avoid walking back to play another ball with the following group staring bullets at him or her." The current edition of the Rules of Golf from 2016 must still be applied when playing, posting scores and competing for the remainder of 2018. In the meantime, the new Rules are accessible now at so you can get a head start on the new realities of the Rules. "We did all this to streamline the Rules, but we were careful to keep the core prin- ciples of the game – that you play the course as you find it and play the ball as it lies," Reinemann adds. "You play with integrity and call penalties on yourself if you get them. It is still golf." ■ W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 | | 17 3 Play JONES Play All Three Play HILLS Play FAZIO HILTON HEAD ISL AND, SC • Three nights & three rounds of golf • FREE REPLAYS based on availability • Dedicated on-site coordinator • Call to learn how to get a 4th ROUND FREE • Call about GROUP LEADER PLAYS FREE! WINTER GROUP PACKAGES From $133 per person per night! (For groups of 12 or more players) Contact us at (888) 322-6921

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