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22 | | FA L L 2 0 1 8 I N S T RU C T I O N Another good drill, especially for those players with baseball or softball experience, is throwing a ball. Specifically, I have them think about being a third baseman and slinging the ball across their body toward second base. That motion is very similar to the action you want to see from the trailing arm in the golf swing. Try making a few throws with that mental image, then focus on getting the same feel with your right arm (for right-handers) as you swing through the club. As you learn to bring the handle of the club through impact ahead of the club head, you'll start hitting the ball first and the bottom of your swing will be just past the point of impact. This will help you gain confidence in your swing, and you'll start seeing the ball fly farther and straighter. I always suggest going to see your local PGA or LPGA Profes- sional for a more personalized diagnosis, but give these ideas a try and see if they help you hit the ball better the next time you play! ■

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