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When you release the club too early, as shown in the first photo (left), there's no telling what kind of contact you might make. Your swing will always bottom out behind the ball, leading to a fat shot, and sometimes you'll blade the ball. And even when your timing is good enough to find the center of the club face, you're still going to end up hitting the ball too high and too short because of all the loft you've added to the club by leaning the shaft away from the target. What I teach my students is to move the bottom of their swing toward the target by helping them get the grip end of the club to the ball before the clubhead releases, as shown in the second photo (right). That starts with making sure the club face angle isn't too open at the top of the backswing, and of course mak- ing sure the grip isn't too weak with the top hand. Once we fix those areas, there are a few different drills I use to help my students find and repeat the feel of a swing that compresses the ball and produces shots that fly farther and straighter. FA L L 2 0 1 8 | | 19

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